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Dear Member

Thanks for visiting our own official website. I recommend  you that first thing you do is to Update Your Profile . and Update your Photo Following are the steps :

At the time of first time activation -it is very crucial  to fill exact email ID  without any mistake -double check it and enter only email Id which is active and email account which you are using or going to use  to recieve communication from GOA , because  system will identify  you from that particular email ID  only. If you will fill up wrong Email ID or make mistake in entering alphabets of your email ID -you will not recieve password or any communication from GOA , so please double check that your email ID is entered right at first activation and keep open your inbox of that Email account  to recieve  welcome mail with confirmation link . On clicking confirmation link only your account will be active . If you dont find welcome mail from GOA in your Inbox, please check Spam folder and make that mail nonspam and activate your account.

1. In Member Log in area in main Home Page - Fill up  your latest details - Your membership number - email address you want to receive communication
 ( your registered email address with GOA) , your mobile number where you want to receive short  notifications from GOA and Password of your choice . If you are not knowing your membership number please click   Member List   hyperlink and search for number. Keep your inbox of email open to receive welcome mail . If you don’t find confirmation mail in your Inbox folder, then please check in spam folder.
2.You will receive welcome mail  with short details about you which you filled , confirm and click on link in email text to confirm the details . You will get message that your membership is noted and now you can log in the exclusive members' area. Website is dived in two areas - one without log in for all - patients , prospective surgeons who want to become member and for trade persons related to orthopedics and another with advantages exclusive  area  which is  accessible by members  only who has updated their details and activated their log in for Website .
3 .After Log in is activated and you have logged in Update your Photo  . See help file for build your own customized website  available at download area to prepare your photo of size  Width 140 * 160 Height in Pixels
in jpeg file format  for uniformity and better display. Please see help file to  convert your photo to this size by free downloadable image management Irfanview software . Right click on Irfanview link here and open in new tab to download the application-software and then follow help file .
4. Update  Your Profile with all mandatory fields and then submit . You will get message to leave the page or stay on page . If you select to leave the page it will submit the details and you will  get confirmation of updation of your profile  on screen . if you will forget to fill mandatory fields -it will show error message . On error messeage ,please fill all details and then sublit . If you feel to stay on page  accept to stay on page and again update profile with remailing fields  -continue to do so and then submit .
5. After Log in  you have advantage to Build Your Own Customized Website to connect to your patients and highlight your details with your own URL , which you can print in stationary for visitor or you can add to your signature in your email account to focus your specialty and professional  achievements and other achievements and showcase your skills and your education and training background . Other features after log in are many but one example is  Share -Contribute and  Learn  where you can share your skills , case , technique ,presentation ,video and learn from other  fellow members and contribute . Please explore other features after log in. Please download pdf  file for help for Build Your Own Web Site to guide you .

It is of utmost importance to update your profile at GOA  website every time you change your address or mobile number or email address or any details , to have latest updated dynamic database available to us to connect to you and  pass on any information available with us for your advantage and for you to share and contribute information with you for advantage of  all other fellow member and have evolution together ! It is the sole responsibility of each member to update his/her profile when there is change to remain connected with  others and Gujarat Orthopedic Association . Sorry for compulsory  four log in fields every time to log in , but this has been designed by me to remind you to update your profile every time you change , system will not allow you to log in with new email address or mobile number you have changed subsequently after activation . If you have any change  in future please update your profile with old log in details of this website and then change your profile -email address and mobile number and then submit and that will automatically change your log in details to latest newly filled and submitted information and thus our database will be updated dynamically every time member changes details.

Wish  you will explore every possibility in this website features. If  you have any difficulty , please contact Web Master .