About Goa

The  Gujarat Orthopedic Association is affiliated  state  chapter of INDIAN ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATION .The object of the Association is the  advancement of the Science. Art and practice of Orthopedic Surgery with the aim of bringing relief to patients suffering form the effects of injury or disease of Musculo-skeletal system.The Association  foster, develop and support Orthopedic Teaching, Training and Research activities by the way of arranging conferences, workshops,live surgery sessions,Continuous Medical Education, PG Teaching course ,Pg Quiz program,Public Awareness programs, Camps and Free Surgery drive on 4th August as Bone and Joint Day with the help of member Orthopedic Surgeons and  other  activities though out the calender year.

Inception Of Gujarat Orthopedic Association

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Written and compiled by Founder Secretary Proff.Dr.Pankaj Divatia and  confirmed by Past Presidents