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This feature is made for the sole purpose of  communication in between fellow members to submit in one part as orthopedic information highway like  catch 22 problem situation case - focused case discussion , ask for an article from those who are subscribing to journals  , ask for help for source of implants or machines and equipment , can put opinion for xyz instrument or equipment  technique , lecture , submit obituary , achievements  , contribute  article for patient information highway may be inform of instructions to do and not to do , figures , exercise plans  chart ,instructions in vernacular language , special technique in form of video, serial images, presentation category wise  ..........any thing related to orthopedics  which can be of mutual help for fellow member. Mechanism for submission and its moderation and publication   is under planning . Other part  will be other than orthopedics - non academic but    related to professional life of an orthopedic surgeon where finance , how to make will , sell and buy request for equipment, health related post , spiritual thoughts , how to improve presentation skills ,special  constructive hobby .......anything related to professional and personal life of fellow member of mutual help. Suggestions are most welcome from members- suggest point wise in member log in field.. Again idea is to Share -Contribute and Learn from each other  and  have evolution together. See more details after log in  at exclusive member area .

If any query ask Web Master .