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Some tips to search your membership number . It is designed for easy search and logic  followed - Field of  First Name  is  only kept compulsory - any character -alphabet  of your  first name from a to z  will search your details , but it is recommended to put at least 3 (three)  characters -alphabets  ( In database certain members are having only one alphabet in first name -for them only single alphabet will work ... for example Dr M M Prabhakar  ) of your First Name to narrow down  search . For further filtering insert  any character of your Last Name - more the character -more the filtered search  and to further narrow  down  the search .put city name in City field . After getting your membership number click on   LOGIN  button on top menu bar and then fill up your fields to update your profile . Don't forget to fill up  suggestions -feedback point wise -if any . If you want your web site  address  link (url) to appear for  find your doctor  by other members , patients ,trade partners  -please Build Your Own Customized Website and then make it active in administrative menu of your maintenance page of your website . Only active websites will be displayed in link with individual member when some one  wants to find an orthopaedic surgeon's details , so build your website fully and make it active for display . Further to suggest to certain  members to get easily searchable , please  while  updating your profile write your full first name  , we have noted that certain members are having only single alphabet in first name so search  was becoming difficult - their search is  possible only with single alphabet in name with full surname in second field  , and to further narrow down city.

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