FAQS - Members

Question : How I can Update My Profile on Our Official Website?
Answer : Dear Member
Following are the steps :
1. In Member Log in area in main Home Page - Fill up  your latest details - Your membership number - email address you want to receive communication( your registered email address with GOA) , your mobile number where you want to receive short  notifications from GOA and Password of your choice . If you are not knowing your membership number please click   Member List   hyperlink and search for number. Keep your inbox of email open to receive welcome mail . 
2.You will receive welcome mail  with short details about you which you filled , confirm and click on link in email text to confirm the details . You will get message that your membership is noted and now you can log in the exclusive members' area. Website is dived in two areas - one without log in for all - patients , prospective surgeons who want to become member and for trade persons related to orthopedics and another with advantages exclusive  area  which is  accessible by members  only who has updated their details and activated their log in for Website.

Question : Why I should Update My Profile ? 
Answer : There are mistakes in previous database and many members have changed their details  and  that is why they  are not getting  official communication from GOA . I have designed this module to keep our database live dynamic and updated  every time when there is change , it will reflect automatically . I  hope cooperation from each member to update their profile themselves.
 It is of utmost importance to update your profile at GOA  website every time you change your address or mobile number or email address or any details , to have latest updated dynamic database available to us to connect to you and  pass on any information available with us for your advantage and for you to share and contribute information with you for advantage of  all other fellow member and have evolution together ! It is the sole responsibility of each member to update his/her profile when there is change to remain connected with  others and Gujarat Orthopedic Association . Sorry for compulsory  four log in fields every time to log in , but this has been designed by me to remind you to update your profile every time you change , system will not allow you to log in with new email address or mobile number you have changed subsequently after activation . If you have any change  in future please update your profile with old log in details of this website and then change your profile -email address and mobile number and then submit and that will automatically change your log in details to latest newly filled and submitted information and thus our database will be updated dynamically every time member changes details.

Question : How I can Build  My Own Customized  Website ?
Answer : Dear Member
Welcome to our official website . After  your log in activation .You can click on Build Your Own Customized Website and You will get a new tab -new page for maintenance of your own  website. Every time you make changes - click how it looks  to see the change that happened . Enjoy to explore possibilities and take help of help files and few suggestions !

Question : Why  I should Build My Own Customized Website ?
Answer : Dear Member 
This feature is new and is for  members only . Purpose of this feature is to  have each member  a possibility to showcase his/her  education , achievements , attachments , availability , specialty  and other details to communicate with patients and visitors of website . Design of template is made such that each member can explore possibilities to showcase his or her  approach to patient , their staff , their availability at different clinics and their specialty and achievements  with facility to get feedback from patients . I feel each member will use this facility to the best . My request to various office bearers - past , present and regional chapters to update their profile,update  color photo( 140 W* 160 H ) and build their own website and make it active with deciding their web address (url - www. goa. org.in/member/xxxxxxx) for its publication against the name of office bearers . Detailed help file will be available after log in for every page , kindly go through it  after activating your member log in . Please read help files and suggestions and then apply.

Question : How can I  Share -Contribute and Learn by submitting my thoughts -idea -method ?
Answer : Dear Member 
Mechanism for submission and its moderation and publication   is under planning once we start getting contributions from members and faculty. Wait for a while ......it will come soon........ but only if you  contribute -share generously.

Question : Why I should Share - Contribute and Learn by submitting  at our official website ?
Answer : This feature is made for the sole purpose of  communication in between fellow members to submit in one part as orthopedic information highway like  catch 22 problem situation case - focused case discussion , ask for an article from those who are subscribing to journals  , ask for help for source of implants or machines and equipment , can put opinion for xyz instrument or equipment  technique , lecture , submit obituary , achievements  , contribute  article for patient information highway may be inform of instructions to do and not to do , figures , exercise plans  chart ,instructions in vernacular language , special technique in form of video, serial images, presentation category wise  ..........any thing related to orthopedics  which can be of mutual help for fellow member. Other part  will be other than orthopedics - non academic but    related to professional life of an orthopedic surgeon where finance , how to make will , sell and buy request for equipment, health related post , spiritual thoughts , how to improve presentation skills ,special  constructive hobby .......anything related to professional and personal life of fellow member of mutual help. Suggestions are most welcome from members- suggest point wise in member log in field.. Again idea is to Share -Contribute and Learn from each other  and  have evolution together.