Veteran Surgeon Forum Award

This award is for Annual Conference of Gujarat Orthopedic Association           each year with following criteria 

    aWho can Apply:   Applicant should   be a life member of GOA and   having           Age More than 50 years at 30 th Oct.of Application  year Applicant  should produce  Unpublished & Innovative work. 

     bSelection by committee of GOA.

  .  c.  What  each applicant has to send for evaluation of Merit :  One set of full                      manuscript in MS word file  with two title pages one with name & other blind.

     dCriteria for Evaluation of Merit  by Selection committee and Distribution of            Marks  on submitted Manuscript :   

             1) Content of Study                             20%
             2)  Methodology                                  40%
             3) Evidence Based Conclusions         20%
             4) Relevance to Current Practice        20%

   eWhom to submit  full manuscript  :    Hon. Treasurer  GOA  -  Email Address                      -

   f. Deadline for Submission : 30th October 2014 (may change at particular year)

   g. Duration of Oration including formalities: 20 (Twenty) Minutes  Winner will be              honored by  Certificate

    i.  Selection Committee will change every year.


GOACON 2014 :  Dr J J Patwa